The Great And Powerful Freedom Of Owning One’s Light

The Great And Powerful Freedom Of Owning One’s Light

Recently on my trip to Egypt, I was riding with Ahmed, my guide, in a horse drawn cart to the Great Pyramid and Sphinx.  As we started up the hill to the pyramids, I could see the horse struggle with the weight of the loaded cart. 

But I could truly FEEL its struggle. 

Later, when coming down the same hill, I was almost jumping off the cart to get away because of the overwhelm, the gut-wrenching pain I was having as the horse struggled further to hold the cart down the steep incline. 

Ahmed saw this and was immediately concerned for me, asking if I was ok.  Don’t let me on one of these carts again, please.” 

The energy was just too much.

Intensive care units of hospitals and nursing homes – I have a long history of becoming extremely nauseous, and even sometimes PASSING OUT because of not being able to fix things.

When a horrific accident happened to one of my best friend’s children, the family had asked for space as they dealt with it all.  And for me, the energy of what had happened and not being able to fix it, was so overwhelming to be so close to it all that I actually had to leave the city for the day.

Earlier this year, I attended one of the Mind, Body and Soul festivals in Limassol, Cyprus.   One of the important messages I left with, drawn randomly from a basket at one of the talks…”Your sensitivity is your gift to the world.”

Honestly, I’m still figuring out how exactly it is to be a gift to the world.  It certainly can be overwhelming for me.

As I continue to develop my spiritual path, I’ve come to learn that I am an empath; one who is highly tuned in. 

It’s not just being a ‘sensitive’ person – it goes way beyond that. Trust me.

    • Empaths can sense an energy being ‘bad’ or ‘good’ immediately for a place or a person.
    • We have very strong intuitions, often being sought out by complete strangers who are drawn to our light, who want to share their issues or problems for our guidance.
    • Empaths are keen listeners – they hear it all, can sense inauthenticity immediately.
    • Empaths avoid confrontation at all costs almost.
    • We are often very close, weirdly close to animals and nature, like we can sense what they feel or want to share.
    • Empaths ‘know’ things – not Trivial Pursuit facts but what is important, what to do, what is the right path, what one needs to hear.
    • Empaths feel ill when faced with injustice, destruction, or social ills, often avoiding news and TV.
  • Empaths wear the energies on their faces – there are no poker faces- and often need respite from people or situations that they find draining.

There are many other things that stand out as being of an empath – these are just the ones that most jump out for me in this writing.

These are things I now know are part of being an empath.  It also helps to give clarity to a lot in my life too.

My owning of this here is not to be ‘better than’ – there isn’t a ‘better than’ associated with being an empath.  It’s just a different way of moving through the world. 

It’s like those who can write poetry marvelously.  Sure, all of us can take a stab at writing poetry and sure, many of us can do a fair job at it.  But it is the few who are truly poets.

It is the same for being an empath. 

Everyone can be sensitive to other people and things.  Everyone can even practice at and strengthen having greater intuitions.  Still there are a few of us that are ‘gifted’ with being empaths.

This writing is my owning of this.  Owning my light.

Many of my friends and even my family don’t yet know the depth of my being an empath.  It’s not exactly a thing I’ve figured out how to claim easily.  Hallmark hasn’t yet invented that announcement card. 🙂

But I write this for ME, this is for me fully owning my light.  It’s also to shout out to all who read this, that there is a great and powerful freedom in the knowing, in the owning of who we really are, of owning our light. 

Take the time to invest in yourself.

Do the work of self-discovery.

Find out the ‘why’ that makes you who you are and you’ll know the ‘what’ you’re here to do. 

For each of us, are indeed gifted with our unique individual ways of making it through this world. 

And we need ALL of these different ways to make the difference we need to see in this world!  Here’s to you and to your freedom of knowing!

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