With 20+ years of progressive business operations and marketing in the corporate world, and several years as an entrepreneur, I’ve got loads of experiences and skillsets I draw upon for my clients.

Services I provide are:  website design, copywriting, sales funnel designs, online business & service/product launch management, operation/systems set-up, marketing strategy and consulting.

Given that my office is a laptop and a piece of luggage, my expenses are vastly different than your average consultant.  You’ll love how I pass those savings on to my clients as the perfect win-win!

So let’s talk about your business, service or product and how I might be a resource in your toolbox!

I guarantee you’ll love the value you get from working with me!  Just click the button and tell me more about you and your business and we’ll set up a no obligation chat to deep dive into if its a fit for you or not.

Grow Your Spiritual Biz!

Find Your Muse!

You’ve been staring at that white empty page or screen for too long.  The inner critic has come and settled in, and now you’ve moved on to procrastination and abject loathing for your writing.  It’s time to break free by banishing your inner critic, and giving power in voice and new writing tools to your true writer’s inner voice.

Join intimate groups of fellow writers, creative amateurs to seasoned professionals, either in our LIVE online groups, OR in person, in an epic setting overlooking the majestic pyramids of Giza, Egypt, as we meet weekly letting our pens not lift from the page.

It’s time to find your muse again!

Motivating, inspiring and lifting up – these are the ways I love to touch people’s lives as I travel around the world.

I’ve been featured on main stages across the world and in many print, radio and TV productions.

Topics most sought after are:

  • Inspirational/motivational
  • Lifestyle strategy workshops/retreats
  • Location independence living
  • Online business strategies

If you’ve got a tribe that you’d like to share some valuable content with, spark change, and leave a lasting mark in, then let’s grab some time together to chat about your project!

Inspire Your Tribe!

Old Soul Intuitive Sessions!

Tap into what the Universe needs you to know with an Old Soul intuitive empath.  Empowering and uplifting, these 60 minute, recorded sessions offer insights, and give clarity for the questions you have whispering in your mind.