“Thank you so much Kimberly for your motivating presentation. Not only did you inspire us but you also made it a lot of fun!” ~ Peggy A

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Life can have a way of creeping in on the dreams we had in our youth, doesn’t it?  Careers, marriage, kids, mortgages, divorce, health, it can pile on sometimes. And before we know it, we look around and time has flown and something deep in us cries out:

“Have we waited too long? Are we going to look back at 90 with regrets?” Research shows that the number one regret of those dying is not having lived their own lives.  Yesterday’s little farm girl jumping off hay bales is today’s entrepreneur who jumps off cliffs on a regular basis. Kimberly’s living out loud will inspire and compel! Driving a CASCAR and then an Indylite car, selected for the US Jr Olympic Sharpshooting team at 16, and being a world-reknowned Judy Garland doppelganger; these are but a few of her life adventures to date.  Today, her greatest passion is helping others to live out loud too!  Not only will you find inspiration in Kimberly’s stories of cliff jumping, but you will learn:

• Why that 1st jump is so vital
• How to break the “unbreakable” obstacle to your BHAI (Big Hairy Audacious Idea)
• The advantages of being a serial jumper

If you’re stuck in the “getting ready to get ready” loop, or are tired of parking your dreams, ideas and passions out of obligation or fear, then you will definitely not want to miss this presentation!

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“Excellent excellent, excellent! Looking
forward to hearing about all the rebelicious
cliff jumping that this morning’s presentation
inspired. Thanks Kimberly!”
~ Paulette D

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
~ Maya Angelou

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