How To Operate Your Soul’s GPS

How To Operate Your Soul’s GPS

As a traveler, I’m often asked where I’m from. Depending on the circumstances, that question will have a different answer.

I’m last from Istanbul, Turkey.
Before that I was from Bologna, Italy, and before that from Cyprus and so on, and so on.
I’m “from” a lot of places.
In other words, I’m a world traveler, a Citizen Of The World.

But sometimes, there is a badge behind the question, and I have to sheepishly admit that the passport I hold is of the United States.

Wearing a Spain FIFA tee, luggage emblazoned with Canadian flags, and dressed in eastern clothes, I can see where the confusion can come from before even talking with me.

Then to add further to the confusion, I’m told that my accent (yes, evidently I have one), is a blend of Midwestern American, Canadian, a bit of British (from my Judy Garland voice lessons), and sometimes with a smidge of Latin.

So, with all this confusion, the question of where I’m from does come up often.

I do realize however, that what people really want to know is where do I call home:  Where was I borne, what culture and experiences shaped me into who I am. And that’s why, for me there are different answers.

Sure, I was borne in the Midwest in a small town and yes, that upbringing shaped me immensely.

But, my journey continued. I didn’t get stuck there. There were many more places that called to me as my ‘home.’

Webster’s has many definitions for ‘home’: a dwelling, a starting place on a game, a familial setting but the ones I align with are… a place of origin, a place of comfort.

Being location independent for some years, my definition of home has evolved to these less used definitions.

For me, home is truly where the heart is, not in some cross-stitched pillow kind of way, but rather in the deep ‘knowing’ of where one belongs. What feels familiar, what feels in alignment with who you are at that moment, and where you are to learn your new lessons in this lifetime adventure your soul chose.

I’ve had many homes in my life: Indiana, Seattle, Toronto, Panama, and now Egypt. Each was my home for that part of my soul’s journey, each with their strong soul-pulling to be there. And in each of those places, I gained a tremendous lesson or lessons.

I met with a friend recently.  She wanted to connect with me because she was ‘lost.’  She didn’t know where she belonged anymore.  Her job felt wrong so she had quit but didn’t have anything lined up yet and following similar paths with different employers was getting her nowhere.  She was worried.

“How is it YOU do what you do?” I was asked.  “How do you know that you’re really on the right path?”

My friend had lost her way.  She had lost touch with her soul’s GPS – Guided Possibilities (from) Source.

Really, the answer for this is the same as it would be for the knowing of a person in my life, a shift in my work, any decision to be made. I explained to her that it comes from a knowing, a tuning in to my soul’s GPS, that to do anything different would feel ‘wrong,’ a regret to move in a different direction.

Most recently, I made the move to Egypt.

When I left here the last time, I had a deep pull of regret for leaving, that I was leaving a part of me there. And in my return to ‘western civilization,’ despite being with friends and my adopted families, I still felt ‘out of sync.’

Life seemed off, out of balance.

THIS is how I know.

But I also tune in to signs of confirmation for they are always there for me.

You see, when I make a decision, I always ask the Universe to confirm or block the decision based on what I best need to do.

And in Egypt’s case, besides all the feels, I was getting regular confirmations in signs that could not ordinarily come in that time or place: The Arabic woman I found and befriended like a long lost sister when leaving Cyprus, a sole Egyptian themed print next to my bed in the Italian apartment I rented, the Egyptian-owned pizza parlor nearby, the Bologna bus stop billboard advertising an opera about Egypt…and the list goes on and on.**

Or, like when I moved to my townhome in downtown Toronto, organized completely sight-unseen online.  Several months after being there, I learned a story that my own dad didn’t know of his father that was confirmation of my move.  My grandfather, a simple farmer, who NEVER wore anything but overalls, NEVER left his small county much less his country, had not once, but TWICE visited the national headquarters for a tractor manufacturer.

The site of that headquarters?  The very land my Canadian townhome was built upon!

These all were signs of confirmation.  Like my soul’s GPS, confirming my path.

There also weren’t any roadblocks.

Roadblocks are typically the clearest signs to recognize.

They stand in the way of your decision. For example, when an old flame reappeared a year ago with interest, I asked for signs. All that came were roadblocks – he couldn’t get his flight due to work conflicts, and when I was where he was he became hospitalized for the time I was there!

Ok, I got it! Thanks Universe! Keep on movin’!

And move I did.  Thank goodness!

Like that country song, “I Thank God For The Broken Roads,” I wouldn’t be here, obviously, if I had stayed there to pursue that.

Roadblocks happen in smaller ways too – like the bus that was missed and while moving to a better stop, discovering something you were long on a quest for; or, the flight you were to take was delayed and so you end up waiting only to meet someone you were meant to connect with; or the dish you always have at the restaurant has run out so you are forced to try something new only to discover a new favourite.

Signs are everywhere, we just have to learn to tune in using our soul’s GPS.

It just takes practice. And like anything else, it gets easier the more we do it.

Tune in to where you belong, whether its the person whom you walk life with, the job you take on, or literally where you place your head at night.

Tune in.

The signs are ALWAYS there for you.

Where you belong, your home, is always where you need to be in that time and space of this lifetime.

Trust in the knowing you feel.
Trust in the pull, the giggle of your heart.
Trust in the signs.

Trust your soul’s GPS.

There is ALWAYS a reason and soon it’s purpose in your soul journey will be revealed.

And like my ‘friend’ Judy Garland famously said, “There is NO place like Home” ~ wherever that home is found.

**Signs sometimes appear YEARS in advance and are only recognized later.  For instance Egypt came up spiritually two years before, in angel readings I had done.  In one, I was told that when I went to Costa Rica I’d find my dragonfly path (dragonflies are often symbols for soul mates).  And on my trip to Costa Rica, I met a handsome younger man from Egypt living in the US and a connection was nearly made – but a roadblock happened.  It was so close and strong, so I wondered why the roadblock, but I also knew I wasn’t ready to entertain the idea of trusting a relationship much less with one so much younger than me!  I couldn’t see it.  I wasn’t ready – but the Universe wanted me to have that experience to open my eyes, and to open my heart so I would recognize what I was meant to have in the future. Today, I’m blissfully happy in my Egyptian ‘home’ which I know where my dragonfly will find me.

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