A line from a Norah Jones’ song asks “What am I to you?”

As a marketing/web designer etc, etc, I know all about writing About Me/Us pages.  There is a formula:  Write in third person about yourself or your team.  Share about what makes you greater than the next guy/gal.  Show some glossy photo(s) of you/your team.  Voila!  A ready-made About page.

Can I share a lil secret with you?  (Come closer…)


They don’t tell you A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that really matters to you, the person who by some stroke of the Universe landed on that person’s/organization’s page!

Seriously, it’s like meeting a really handsome, seemingly perfectly made-for-you guy and then rather than having a human conversation with you, he gives you his resume?!  Blech!!!  Exit Stage Left!

Can I please instead, with your indulgence, not do that here?   I’m not gonna insult you with the typical hype.  Let’s just chat.

So then, if I play your part in this internet conversation, I go back to that line of Norah’s…What am I to you?

Well, I would first suppose that you found me here because YOU are:

  • One of my family or friends – Hey Aunt Diane!
  • Someone I’ve met along my travels, that I’ve now adopted as my family – Muah Nathi! <3
  • You’ve been introduced to me by one of the above
  • You’ve just found me on the interwebs and were curious


You’re also, I would assume from my experience in connecting with people, hungry for a difference in your life or business. 

You are drawn to those who have broken out of the norm – curious at the HOW they were able to do so.  You would LOVE to know if its even possible to entertain that giggle in your heart that keeps you up at night.  (It totally freakin’ is, by the way!)

You might even have a business that needs some assistance in breaking out of its own norms to new levels and you want to work with a money-making racehorse on a pleasure-horse budget. 

Plus, I would say you are very, very, VERY wise beyond your peers.  I mean, why else would you have found yourself here with me?  🙂

So that’s you.  Now what about me?

I’m a farm girl from Indiana who grew up on a formula of Cheerios and faraway dreams.  I had a warm childhood but yet likely everyone else there were bumps.  However, I’ve come to learn later that those bumps, I was to have, and they were to help create who I am.

I am an Old Soul borne into a family of New Souls.  We chose each other for our reasons.  Just as you did with yours, and they with you.

I have had the privilege of a lot of adventures in my life.  Extraordinary experiences.  None of them would have been possible though without my being raised by my loving parents.  They gave me the emphasis of ‘possible’ on what seemed “im-possible” to many.  They told me I could, and never that I couldn’t do something.   Now, “shouldn’t?” – Oh, I think I still hear that from them, lol.  (“You’re going WHERE next?!!”)

I have a ton of AH-mazing experiences and adventures I’ve done in my life and as you linger here in this online place of mine, you’ll learn them all.  Legit – I still pinch myself when I think back on them all.  But they truly wouldn’t really tell you the WHY of who I am.

I think I’ve always lived on the fringe of norm and not.  Feeling out of sync with everyone else, family, school, society.  This obviously made it harder for me in school.  Bullied?  Yep  Suicidal?  Yep

But there was also a deep primal need to be different, to rise and be my full self.  I tried the suit of normal, you know, the “happily ever after, career, the white picket fence in some suburb” stint.  It never fit me.  I just felt trapped by it all.  I needed to break free but I was too afraid as what I wanted was sooo different and society said I couldn’t, shouldn’t.  

So I fed my longing with tons of mini-adventures and experiences.  And yet, it wasn’t enough, the hunger, the calling continued to grow from a whisper to a solid knowing. (Note:  Check out my writing ‘The Drive‘ and you’ll know exactly what it felt like and how it feels now.)

Several years ago, I was introduced to an ‘angel reading’ by my ‘sister’ Staci.  It was in this experience that doors were opened, light revealed, callings and knowing confirmed.  This is where my path to ‘OWN’ my light began and I’ve been walking it ever since.

What does that mean to ‘own’ one’s light?  To me, it means to own that which you are, to be a student always of the light of the Universe, and to help others with their passion and life here.  For me, it was owning that which I’ve known…

I AM different. 

I have something important to do here. 

My thinking, my desire for different is a part of my soul, this Old Soul.  My desire to teach and inspire others to break out is also deeply part of my soul.

So, if you too feel these things, then you’re here with me for a reason.  If you’re looking for someone to help you along the way, to inspire you with stories of others, or of insights and teachings I’ve had, then you too are here with me for a reason. 

My next adventure is getting to know and serve you, my friend.